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Get a grip

Life is too short to waste time and money. Your internet success is important to us and it should be to you. There are plenty of people who will tell you how terrific your website looks, but they are typically not the day-to-day users of your website. Customers have used real-words like passionate, enthusiastic, flexible, innovative, professional and friendly to describe our team. Our job is to make sure your customers describe your business in a similar way!

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User Experience (UX)

Your website works only if the people actually using it judge that it does, and users seldom give poor sites a second chance. An online business that matches user needs and expectations so that people have a good “user experience” is more likely to be successful in the marketplace. Wired’s UX philosophy drives all our services. Even if you have your own web team we can provide an objective, third-party view of usability and web design.

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Stunning and usable

When you first pick up a new book, how long do you hold it before deciding to read or buy? In conventional marketing design you must capture your audiences’ attention in less than a second. With website design you only have a few milliseconds. If your site is too hard to use, it is easy for your audience to click away to somewhere else which will give them what they want.  So how do you make sure this doesn’t happen?

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Have you ever seen your website through your customers' eyes?

Why you might not want to use a small IT company

Large organisations, tall glass buildings and expensive executives are still turning CIO heads. Zero tolerance project management and the allusion of safety-in-numbers still carries weight at the board table, despite the heavy financial cost and the time losses often incurred as a result of this restrictive decision making process. Your industry may require strict adherence to this type of decision making and development methodology, for audit purposes or for the … continue reading

Is your homepage really that important?

by Greg Comfort

Is your homepage really the most important page on your site? Yes and no.
Your home page is your shop front, and often the first thing people see when they visit your site. It’s a big opportunity for you to capture their attention. But not that big. Research shows you have a very short amount of time to capture attention on the web before the visitor backs out or goes somewhere else. Between 8 to 10 seconds, in fact, and probably now … continue reading

Preparing for take-off

You can build a website and get your customers to come and kick its tyres. But if you invest in the user experience that your customers have with your site, so they can easily get what they need, and do what they want, then they’ll get in and drive. That’s when your business will be ready to fly.
Find out how in our free book Preparing for Take-off

Preparing for Take Off

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