Making sense of your online experience for more than fifteen years

Why is Wired different?

We see our role as not simply building a site, handing over the invoice, and then riding off into the sunset. Because we believe you need a total online strategy to succeed, we see our role as an ongoing partnership.

A good online experience requires continual maintenance to ensure it responds to changes in the economy, and challenges from competitors.

Our objective is to:

  1. Ensure you always enjoy your business relationship with us.
  2. Be ever mindful of your requirements and the needs of your clients.
  3. Provide useful management information on a regular basis.
  4. Monitor website performance and be pro-active in our recommendations.

We also offer all the usual services such as secure web-hosting, project management, and our own in-house web developers and designers. We can design e-commerce solutions to order, and we have great partners to extend our services and provide a fully-rounded service.

Our Story

Our online experience began back in 1995, when Mike Baddeley started Wired Internet Group in Christchurch. Mike had a successful history running traditional businesses, and saw the web as an entirely new marketing tool with great potential for growth. From the beginning we have concentrated on making the web work for business.

Building on our established expertise, we realised back in 2005 that business success in the web’s ‘second generation’ is driven by the users’ experience. It’s no longer enough to have a ‘cool site’ – sites have to meet your customers’ needs as much as your own. So in addition to our proven web tools, we also offer a range of services aimed at helping our clients to understand website users’ needs.

Mike is still just as passionate about ensuring a Return on Investment (ROI), providing useful management information and making sure that communication is regular and practical.

User experience, customer relationships, attention to detail and easy-to-use functionality remain the cornerstones of the business.

Quite simply: “We build websites that work.”

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