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Do I need a Google My Business (GMB) listing?

Google is ever changing to keep in step with business and user needs and one way it continues to refine user experience is through Google My Business. Google My Business is where a user can search, and pull up results, for a specific business or service near them.

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Why SSL and HTTPS are essential for your site

Why SSL and HTTPS are essential for your site Back in 2018, Google declared that it would be marking all sites which had no SSL certificates as “not secure”. This alert allows a website user to know if their information is safe when they engage with a site on the net. If a SSL certificate […]

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2019 web design trends

Web Design Trends 2019 Staying up to date with the latest web design trends is crucial for the optimal success of your website. Many things can change, in the space of twelve months, when it comes to design popularity, Google algorithm updates and best practices. A website that seems cutting edge today could look behind-the-times […]

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