7 Signs your site is due for a redesign

A website redesign is one of the most effective ways to give your business a tangible and lasting improvement. But what are the signs to look out for which signal that it could be time for an overhaul? Deciding to overhaul your website after set periods isn’t necessarily an ideal strategy as it may: hinder important updates; or, potentially serve little purpose if your site is performing well as it is. Below are some points to consider when you are thinking about redoing the look of your site.

1. You’re Embarrassed to Tell Others About Your Site

Your site should represent your company and subsequently be something that you are proud of and willing to share with others. When you find yourself hesitating to tell someone about your site or actively trying to hide it altogether then it’s time to invest in a site that you can be proud of. There is little point in having a website that you are not happy sharing with your customers.

2. Your Site Looks Old

This is one of the simplest ways to tell if you should redesign your site. If the appearance is simply stale and unappealing to you, or your team, then it’s quite likely that your users will feel the same way – about, both your site and your business. Few people will want to remain on a site that makes them wait 15 seconds for a flash animation to display or where the product images appear not to have been updated since the 90s. If your site doesn’t appear up to date, modern and competitive a user will like assume the same about your business.

3. Your Site Isn’t Responsive

Mobile is now the way most people browse the web with over 52% of web traffic being on a device. Google is also beginning to anchor it’s rankings on mobile versions of sites rather than their desktop versions. A site should be designed with mobile in mind as the numbers are only going to continue to grow as time goes on. If a site doesn’t operate well on mobile it is a sure sign that it’s a business on the way out or that no one involved has an awareness of what it takes to keep up.

4. Sales & Leads Are Falling

If you are in two minds about a redesign, and also notice that your site conversions are showing a downward trend, a revamp might be a way to turn the tide on the numbers. Conversion rate is a pivotal factor of any redesign decision as it is the primary measurement to determine your website’s success.

5. Small Updates Are Becoming Tricky

It should be easy and simple for someone on your team to make small edits to your site. This could be things like adding a blog post or updating some text within a product description. If these tasks are becoming too difficult or time consuming for your staff implementing a more user-friendly platform would be a great advantage. There is nothing worse than trying to simply update a photo and then realising it has broken the entire page layout! Updating your site should be simple.

6. Your Website Conflicts With Your Brand

If you have recently undergone a brand overhaul, but your website remains behind the times, some effort should be spent on aligning your brand imagery and messaging. If you saw an engaging and slick display ad for mobile phones, only to click and find a page of old school Nokias, you would be confused and unsure that you have reached the correct website. Website and branding should be integrated to encourage confidence in dealing with you.

7. Your Rankings Are Tanking

Google evolves and changes over time and an old site can actually hurt your positioning. If your site is running on outdated technology Google may have difficulties indexing it and identifying where it should be ranked. If rankings have declined lately, an SEO-focussed redesign would be of benefit.

Redesigns should not be set to occur at specific intervals. Rather, they should be considered when the signs allude to it being the right time.

Published on Wednesday, 5 June 2019 under Web Design.