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Why you might not want to use a small IT company

Large organisations, tall glass buildings and expensive executives are still turning CIO heads. Zero tolerance project management and the allusion of safety-in-numbers still carries weight at the board table, despite the heavy financial cost and the time losses often incurred as a result of this restrictive decision making process. Your industry may require strict adherence to this type of decision making and development methodology, for audit purposes or for the … continue reading

Do I need a blog?

Q. Should I have a blog on my company website? It depends on your customers and business sector you operate in. If your business is owned by a figurehead or well-know personality, then it may make sense to leverage off that and have that person blog. In general, most customers really don’t care what the CEO has to say otherwise. They’re more concerned about meeting their own needs. If you … continue reading

Is your homepage really that important?

Is your homepage really the most important page on your site? Yes and no. Yes it is Your home page is your shop front, and often the first thing people see when they visit your site. It’s a big opportunity for you to capture their attention. But not that big. Research (see reading links provided below) shows you have a very short amount of time to capture attention on the … continue reading

Welcome to our web site, really

Q. Should I have a “Welcome” message on my website homepage? Not any more. It was fine in the early days of the web, but web users are more sophisticated now. For a business or organisation it’s out-of-fashion, looks a bit unprofessional, and is a distraction for your customers who’ve come to your site to do or get something. In fact, research indicates people don’t even bother reading such statements … continue reading

How to avoid info overload on your website

Customer centric evangelist Gerry McGovern always gets me revved up with his weekly posts about being customer-orientated on websites. His recent piece about information overload really pressed my buttons, particularly this sentence: When it comes to information, we really need to shift back to a focus on quality, not quantity. Information overload thanks to the internet has always been an issue for me. I’ve never enjoyed the information rich media sites of the … continue reading

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