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UX audit: guide to improving user experience

It is no exaggeration that about one third of websites end up failing. Through our experience in web development, we’ve found the reason. Websites are created for stakeholders, and by stakeholders, through a completely opinion-driven basis. The end product is a company-centric, rather than user-centric, website with byproducts of usability or usefulness issues that are only revealed once the site is out live.

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Why your site should have an annual audit

Why your site should have an annual audit A decent website is like a car. You can’t just build up the engine and leave it parked in the garage. You need to put petrol in it, change the oil every so often, pass a Warrant of Fitness, and ensure the fluids are topped off. Otherwise, […]

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Should you have live chat on your site?

Regardless of your company size, one of the main reasons to have an online site is to allow customers to easily reach out to you. Live chat is a complex solution and not something that one should rush into without having giving it careful consideration.

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