Do Google Ads have an impact on SEO?

We’re frequently asked by clients whether Google Ads will benefit their website’s search position.

There is no immediate association between Google Ads and a website’s positioning within Google results. Subsequently, there is no evidence to support the idea that running a Google Ads campaign will improve a website’s ranking.

Are Google Ads & SEO connected at all?

Google Ads may influence your organic Google ranking after some time. The popularity of your brand and trust signals are elements among Google’s search algorithm that are established over time and are impacted by your level of brand’s visibility and the extent of it’s reach within Google’s search listings.

In this regard, Google Ads is a strategic way to enhance brand awareness and trust through maintaining a solid presence in Google’s organic search results.

In most instances, a user’s visit to a site is not a one-off occurrence. Google Ads is often the first click a user makes which then turns into a branded search for your business name. Next comes an interaction with your Google organic listing.

Typically, the result from a solid Google Ads campaign is an increase in brand searches. Over time, this does benefit your organic rank.

What’s the advantage of promoting Google Ads & SEO together?

The fundamental advantage of running Google Ads campaigns and having a decent SEO strategy is that you will build up your share of search traffic. Increased site traffic and lead generation are known to result from maintaining a high level of visibility within search results. This is especially true for strategic keywords that are highly relevant to the business.

Google Ads and SEO strategies, used concurrently, will mean that your brand presence in search results will be enhanced and subsequently more traffic share will result.

In short, a Google Ads campaign will benefit from a supporting SEO strategy and an implemented SEO strategy will benefit from a presence within Google Ads.

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Published on Wednesday, 8 May 2019 under Google Ads.