WooCommerce Management

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We focus on taking care of the technical side of running a WooCommerce site. This involves creating functionality that assists in prospect acquisition, conversion management and customer retention.

Management of your WooCommerce site starts with setting up reporting tools – you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Reporting tools

Website reporting tools that we use include:

Once reporting tools are in place, we’re in a position to focus on getting the most out of your site – starting with prospect acquisition.

Prospect acquisition

Getting the right people to your site is fundamental to its success. Combined with conversion strategies, this determines whether your website succeeds or fails.

Our focus here is on tools to assist in keyword selection and Google Ads management.

Prospect acquisition tools include:

Conversion management

Converting site visitors into a customers is the most important aspects of an online store. Assuming that you’ve got quality traffic coming to your site, the thing that makes your site successful is conversion rate.

For example, if you increase the conversion rate from 1% to 2%, you’ve effectively doubled your sales. Given this, we take this area of site management very seriously.

Plug-ins and tools we use to improve site conversions:

Want to know more?

Go to Conversion Rate Optimisation and use our calculator to find out what you conversion rate is.

Customer transaction and retention

Making the transaction as seamless as possible will ensure the customer has a good experience and is more likely to come back for more.

Tools we use to ensure this:

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