Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads is the premier online marketing platform.

We’re here to use the power of Google to deliver the highest quality traffic to your website, and to ensure you’re seeing a true return on your investment. You will receive a monthly report detailing the exact number of leads and/or sales you received from the campaign.

Massive Increase In Relevant Traffic

Your website will receive more traffic than ever before. Better still this traffic is filtered to those only searching for terms highly relevant to your business. Thanks to this, you can be 100% sure you are reaching the key demographics and interest groups that are valuable to your business.

Boosted Conversions

Unsurprisingly with the large increase in traffic Google Ads bring, you can expect a proportionate increase in conversions. Whether that be a bunch more online sales or a large up-tick in leads through your contact forms.

Brand Awareness

Google Ads can be a highly effective tool for brand awareness. We are able to place your image ads on the Google Display Network which includes thousands of high traffic local and international websites. This way you can get your branding in front of a massive audience very effectively. .

Return on Investment

Unlike many forms of traditional marketing Google Ads allows you to very accurately calculate your return on investment. Down to a granular level of displaying how much each enquiry or website sale cost you in marketing. This empowers you to make confident decisions regarding your budget as you know exactly what you are getting for each dollar invested.

Detailed Reporting

We will send you detailed monthly trend reports that track fluctuations in your key metrics as well as important budget information such as your cost per conversion.

Ongoing Optimisation

Each month we will continue to expand and optimise your Google Ads campaigns so you can keep ahead of the latest search trends and your competition!

Increased Promotion Engagement

Have a special offer, seasonal promotion or time sensitive message to advertise? Google Ads is perfect for you. Unlike regular Google results which can take up to a month display your latest content, Google Ads will display it immediately on the first page.