The importance of Google reviews, and how to get them

With over 90% of individuals being persuaded by online business reviews in 2019, it is no surprise that Google is frequently the first instance where users seek out information and feedback about a business.

The reason Google reviews are important & how do you ask for one

Google Reviews can influence whether a potential client opts to engage with your business or whether they choose the services of a competitor. Furthermore, Google Reviews are critical ranking signals when it comes to local SEO. They are also very important in establishing trust and confidence within the local customer base.

Why Google reviews are so important

When individuals search for a business through Google, the most prominent listings which come up are through Google Maps and in the Google Local results pack. Featured quite prominently underneath the business name are the star reviews that the business has earned through user feedback. When the business name is clicked on, a user will typically be presented with opening hours, contact information and the physical address of the business.

Online reviews are important in the growth of a business’ online presence.

Google reviews influence:

1) How your business is positioned in search results.

Google Reviews are well supported by Google in search results and they also appear in various places which relate to other Google products and listings (such as Google Ads). So, if you are seeking a decent position in Google, it’s a good idea to be proactive about collecting more Google Reviews!

2) Whether a customer decides to engage with your products or services.

When a customer begins to research your business online, they are at a stage of believing that your business may be able to solve a particular problem that they are facing. As they move toward making a purchase decision, Google Reviews can be a powerful influence depending on what the user feedback is.

Google Reviews provide the ‘social proof’ for a user to engage with your business, they indicate whether your business is trustworthy and can act as a sort of recommendation. They can position your business as respectable and dependable.

We all consult friends or family for recommendations about products and services at times. Google Reviews serve as a substitute for these types of referrals. Feedback from customers or clients in this regard is precisely why users seek out these insights before making a purchase decision.

We as a whole search for impartial proposals from loved ones when searching out an item or an administration. Criticism from an organization’s past clients can be the following best thing. This is actually why more individuals than any other time in recent memory are searching out Google Reviews preceding a buy duty.

Wired Google Reviews

How would I begin getting Google reviews?

1. Verify your business

Initially, you should verify your business and business address on Google through Google My Business.

2. Request that your clients leave you a review

Secondly, encourage clients or customers to leave a review for your business. This could be in the form of a call-to-action in a follow-up email. Adding a review link into your email marketing campaigns is a great opportunity to encourage Google Reviews.

It is best not to leave it too long after the transaction, or to ask too soon, to cultivate the best possible review from the client.

The easiest way to request a review is to direct a user to a link ( where they can type their feedback. It is then very quick and simple for the user to follow the needed steps. It is also a good idea to request reviews from longstanding and repeat customers. Offering an incentive, such as a voucher or discount, may also encourage users to leave feedback. Always thank the customer or client for their review.

Another way of generating Google feedback is by a call-to-action button on your website. When clicked, this would immediately direct a user to a page where they could place their review.

Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a bad review. Negative reviews present an opportunity to showcase your 5-star customer service skills through a quick and direct reply to the customer. Any response to such reviews should address the issue and provide a positive solution. This approach can turn a negative instance into an example of reassurance for potential customers. It demonstrates that you are quick to take remedial action should a customer show dissatisfaction at some part of their experience.

Your reaction should both location the issue and offer an answer. Phenomenal client administration gave in light of a poor audit can transform a not exactly outstanding survey into an online consolation for potential clients. Your reaction to a poor survey can show to your future clients that you rush to act to amend any issues. Instead of a negative, you can transform a poor audit into a confirmation to potential clients that you will be quick to address the circumstance suitably in the event that they are disappointed in any capacity.

Is it simple for your customers to leave you a positive review? Wired can help you to create and implement an effective strategy to encourage great customer reviews.

Published on Wednesday, 8 May 2019 under Google My Business.