Magento is a highly customisable and powerful open-source ecommerce platform, used by many leading multinational brands.

Magento does not provide a switch-on-and-drive solution, as you would expect from solutions such as Shopify or WordPress WooCommerce – but it does give you the ability to develop an ecommerce system that will suit your unique requirements.

Our highly skilled PHP developers can build robust solutions to solve even the most complex problems, and integrate that solution seamlessly into Magento.

Design for e-commerce is a specific skillset; it must be attractive and enhance the brand while avoiding any barriers in the customers purchase path.

E-commerce websites are not just a brochure or catalogue they are akin to a real world store – staff included, and like a store ‘friendliness’ and ‘approachability’ are essential to good customer service and sales.

In the online world friendliness equates to usability and approachability equates to good design.

Reasons to choose Magento

  • Magento allows you to create multiple online stores with only one backend.
  • Magento has open system architecture; meaning it can create appealing and highly unique user experiences.
  • Magento is search engine friendly.
  • Magento is open source
  • Magento supports mobile ecommerce.

We’ll help you implement a Magento site from scratch or work with you to improve your current installation.