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New business prepares for take-off

Today we have a guest blogger, Karen Simmons, Company Director. Karen wrote to us after reading our Preparing for Take Off book. Here’s her story:

“There is certainly a lot to think about when developing a website and we found this out when we were getting one made for our previous business.  Unfortunately for us, we hired a Web Designer who was recommended to us by a web developers’ industry group and our experience with him was frustrating and disappointing.  After six months, he had not delivered what we had asked for and what he told us he would.  Sadly the amount we had invested with this web designer was wasted and we had to start all over again.

“By contrast, the next company we worked with were great and they put together exactly what we asked for.  They were a delight to deal with and really listened to us when we discussed our business and the experience we wanted to present to our customers via our website.  We received many favourable comments from customers in New Zealand and overseas about our website, and they particularly liked the fact that we regularly updated it with new information on what we were up to, which kept them coming back.

“Developing our first website was a real learning curve as there were so many points to consider in that we didn’t just want it to look good, but it had to serve the purpose that we wanted it to for our customers.  We are confident that we achieved that.

“We had a retail shop about 18 months ago and with the recession hitting, decided to move our business home.  It was the best thing we could have done and we realised then that our website was the window of our business and a great way for people to see that we still existed.

“We have now sold that business and are moving onto a new one.  We will be putting together a new website for this business and will use your book as a tool to ensure that we endeavour to develop a website that gives our customers a great, informative, easy to use experience when they visit our new website.

“Great to know that you are providing a service that takes an outsiders view of a website.   We agree with you that often the person developing a website doesn’t see it from the way a customer might.”

“Once again, thanks for your thought provoking book.”

— Karen Simmons, Company Director

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