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Audience Analysis

A key first step in building a good website is understanding the intended audience.

At Wired we’ve found talking to the people who will use the website as well as the people who own the site makes a huge difference to the success of the site.

This all sounds very obvious but we regularly find businesses that don’t actually know what they’re customers want, or at least have an incomplete view of who their customers really are. Business is constantly changing and so are your customers. To be successful online means making sure web strategy aligns with business strategy.

There are a number of ways to achieve this. At Wired, we use our Wired Website Brief to help you understand your online needs. We may also interview you, your customers, front-line staff, and key stakeholders you identify, to gather feedback and suggestions.

Web Strategy

A good web strategy, and its connection to your business and communication strategies, is essential to online success. We make sure we really understand what you (and your customers) actually want, and how this relates to your current position, and your competition, in the market.

Wired has developed a design process that produces websites aligned to both your business needs, and those of your customers. We can work with you, or your preferred web team, to assist in the development of a good web strategy that will deliver a website that works.

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