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Increasing demand for mobile

The demand to interact with a company through a mobile device is increasing daily. At Wired Internet we are finding many of our clients’ websites have grown from 5–10% mobile usage, to 15–25% or more in the last twelve months.

Whereas in the past one would expect most people would visit a company website via a desktop machine, we now find many of our clients’ customers want to use tablet and mobile devices as well.

For mobile devices this does not mean people expect the whole website to work via a small screen, but there will be key tasks they want to perfrom to check information or get a quick update. More detailed or specialised information on the site that may suit a larger screen does not need to be mobile-friendly, but there is a lot that can be done to make mobile usage more practical and a better experience.

Using responsive design

We’ve found most well-designed websites built using modern web techniques work quite well on tablet devices without having to do anything special. It’s the smaller screen of mobile and smart phones that present a potential problem.

There are a number of solutions, but for new sites and re-builds we currently prefer responsive design. Websites built using responsive design techniques adapt to the size of the screen being used. This is done by using a fluid layout and progressively paring back the information displayed onscreen until only the most important elements necessary for the user are displayed.

Mobile specific

For existing sites where a re-build may not be practical, there are still several very good options to cater for mobile users. By working with you and examining your website statistics we can determine if there are pages or features in your site that your customers want to use on a mobile device, and plan for this accordingly.

Then we can create mobile-specific sites or sub-sites that are designed to meet your customers’ demand while maximising the mobile experience. This could include a customer-only login area or an online catalogue usable on a mobile phone.



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