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Responsive Mobile Design

Responsive websites like the one we did for Outdoor Education New Zealand in the graphic below feature layouts that respond dynamically to your devices screen size.

View it in action here

(Note: you will need to shrink your browser window to see the layout dynamically adjusting on a desktop computer)


Search ranking advantages

As of 21 April 2015, Google have issued a warning to website owners that their websites may lose their Google ranking if they aren’t optimised for mobile devices (aka mobile friendly) …see article from NZ Herald

By making your site responsive you will ensure you do not slip in your hard won google search ranking and the effect of competitors slipping due to non optimised sites may even elevate your position in the search results.

Usability advantages

A responsive website will make your users happier and more likely to return again. It will also increase the amount of conversions you receive from mobile devices by making navigation through the site an easier and quicker task. You will avoid the scenario where a user frustrated with the difficulty of using a non responsive site on mobile decides they will make the purchase or enquiry later on their desktop but then forgets entirely.

Competitive advantages

61% of mobile users who used their mobile device to visit a website that was not optimised for mobile, visited the website of a competitor. Responsive website owners report an increase in traffic, a 25% decrease in bounce rate and more page views per visit.

Additional advantages include:

  • Future proofing
  • Often cheaper than stand alone mobile sites
  • Responsive is now the industry standard method for mobile display
  • The mobile shopping market
  • Save money and less maintenance
  • Better Google search results
  • Consolidation of analytics and management reporting
  • Reduce bounce rate and improve Google ranking
  • Social media and inbound marketing

Download “Building a Responsive Design Website” to read more about the advantages of responsive design.


Find out if your existing website can be made responsive and mobile friendly

It is possible that your existing site can be enhanced to make it responsive, without needing to do an expensive and time-consuming redevelopment.

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