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The site is live – now what?

We believe that aligning your website with what your customers really need is the surest way to make the site work for your business, but things are always changing, so the job doesn’t stop there. This is why we provde a range of services that supports your online business and helps you manage your website.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

The first thing that needs to be done immediately after a site ‘goes live’ is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, to ensure people can find it. There’s a lot of black-magic talk that goes on around the subject of SEO, but we prefer to take a practical no nonsense approach and do the things that are proven to work.

Good SEO is about making sure search engines can easily access and index the content on a website, so the website can be found by people searching the web. This is very much determined by the text readable on the site by indexing software, the good use of web-standard HTML, and a sensible site architecture that can easily be resolved by the search engine.

Because we do not work for Google, we cannot guarantee you a page one listing, but we can guarantee to use all of our experience and expertise to help you become visible in the world of search engines.

SEO should be only one aspect of your marketing and promotion, but in conjunction with website usability it is a very important part of your online presence. More than eighty percent of first visits to your website are generated from a popular search engine and more than seventy five percent of those referrals can come from Google

Web statistics

We back the SEO up with web stats via Google Analytics , to track how many people visit your site, what they do when they get there, where they came from and what the most popular pages are.

Analytics is by far the best web statistics system available on the market – it has a good interface, provides a wide range of information, and it’s free!

But to get the most out if you need to configure it properly and just having access to website statistics is only part of the answer; you need to be able to understand what the stats are telling you also.

We provide access to web stats using Google Analytics for all our client websites and we make it effective and easy to use. Our service includes:

  • Configuration to meet your business needs.
  • A monthly email summary from the system, which can be configured to go to you and others in your company automatically.
  • Assistance with understanding what the stats mean and the implications for your site.
  • Setting custom reports to track your business goals, including special tracking of  advertising conversion and sales tracking.

Website Advertising via Google AdWords

While Google is recognized as the world largest and most popular search engine, getting up the search rankings involves variables that cannot easily be controlled. This is why we recommend Google AdWords as a comprehensive and affordable solution allowing your business to be seen along with the top search rankings.

Your advertising can be precisely targeted at web users seeking information about a relevant product or service. This produces an average click-through up to five times higher than the industry average for traditional banner advertising.

Our AdWords service offers:

  • Full control of your ad budget.
  • Research for appropriate keyword.
  • Management of keywords and AdWords copy throughout campaign.
  • Campaigns targeted at specific countries.
  • Full reporting – including click-through conversion rates.

Site performance and review

Once your website is built and set loose on the unsuspecting world, it can’t be allowed to just run wild. A website must be kept fresh and up-to-date to remain relevant.

To keep your website aligned with your market and business needs requires vigilance. We can provide an easy to understand regular review of your site that clearly states where your website is at and defines action points to improve its performance in the future. The review gives you a clear picture of where your website currently stands and what might need tweaking or re-aligning.

We can also monitor specific areas, campaigns or features for you, to suit your changing business needs.

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