UI/UX Design

We can design a user interface for your online tool that will maximise your users’ experience.

Interface design requires a very specific skill set. Not only do you want your interface to look good, but it has to work well for your customers. No one wants the frustration of a clunky or impractical interface.

Our golden rule

Dont make me think!
A user should be able to simply look at the interface and know what they need to do. If the user has to fiddle or play around with the interface to figure out how something works, then it’s simply not good enough.

Example interface design for:
Avalanche Forecasting

Data input interface design - back end

Data input interface design – back end


The Mountain Safety Council (MSC) required an interface, for their rugged non-web-savvy avalanche forecasters, to input complex avalanche risk data based on field observations.

Information design - Front end

Information display design – front end


The avalanche data then feeds the public website with all the information necessary to allow the public to make good decisions when venturing into the NZ back country during the avalanche season.

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We think getting a return on your investment is importantwe wrote a book!

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A practical guide for getting a return on your online investment

Most of you have already invested a lot on your company’s website – but throwing money at your website assures you of nothing. Measuring and managing the online experience your customers have with your website is the only way to ensure an signifigant return on your investment.

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So what is UX Design?

User experience design (UX Design) is all about enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability of a product.

While user experience design is not limited to digital industries, the term is mainly used in industries such as the web design industry.

An online business that meets its users’ needs and expectations is much more likely to be successful than one that doesn’t. It’s not rocket science, but does require the ability to look at your website from the perspective of your many different customers.

This is the core of our user-centred design perspective. We design to make your customers’ needs and expectations the number-one priority.

Our process

  • Prototyping or mocking up solutions based on user research, industry standards and experience.
  • Collaborative feedback makes sure that you are kept in the loop.
  • Multiple iterations until all parties are satisfied with the plan.
  • Development starts.