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A user-centred design perspective

User experience (UX) analysis measures how well any product meets the needs of the people who actually have to use it, and how easy it is to use in its normal environment.

Your website works only if the people actually using it judge that it does, and users seldom give poor sites a second chance. An online business that matches user needs and expectations so that people have a good “user experience” is more likely to be successful in the marketplace.

This is the core of the “user centred design perspective” – a design that makes your customers’ needs the number one priority. This is often referred to as “usability” but something can still be usable but have a terrible user experience. The only way to judge the success of your site is how well it meets the needs of your customers.

Our process is to:

  • Understand the business needs of the website
  • Understand the user/customer needs of the website
  • Generate design alternatives
  • Test and iterate to maximise the UX of the solution.

It won’t be enough that your website meets your requirements or those of your web designers or internal web team. Our UX services help provide an objective, third-party view of usability and web design.

We have a number of user experience services to help you:

  1. User experience & Homepage review
    Our UX analysis services can include any of the following:

    • Interview – an interview with the client to establish key site owner goals and concerns.
    • Evaluation – an appraisal by our user experience consultant to measure the site against established user design principles.
    • Consultation – consultant-observed user test sessions with real users to identify user concerns.
    • Report – summary of findings with practical recommendations for improvement.
  2. Transaction review
  3. Enquiry analysis

    • The customer enquiry form on your website is where people are telling you what’s wrong with the site, for free! Analysing customer responses can provide important insights into potential shortcomings in the user experience of a website. Read more about the Wired Enquiry Analysis…

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