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Conversion focused design

Make it simple, make it compelling

Getting people to visit your website is one thing; converting them into customers is another.

Conversion focused design is specifically about designing experiences to achieve a single goal. It guides the website visitor toward completing a specific task.

The task at hand could be purchasing a product, collecting personal data, or educating the visitor about your services. The trick is to make it simple and compelling for them to complete the task.

At Wired, we use conversion focused design to get your website visitors across the finish line – no matter what action that may mean.

Conversion Focused Design

Shop Assistant

We believe in conversion focused design so much that we created Shop Assistant – an online guided-selling tool that helps shoppers find and buy products that are right for them. This results in higher conversion rates and more sales.

Shop Assistant is particularly useful in helping customers deal with product categories that are technically complex. It asks some easy-to-answer questions before guiding the user to products that match their requirements.

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