Web development

Web development Christchurch, New Zealand

Our team of developers are highly-experienced with website technologies, business-layer coding and database design. We work with you to implement the best solution for the needs of your organisation.

Some businesses require fairly straightforward, uncomplicated web solutions but others have special requirements that you won’t find in a plugin. This is where we come in.

Web development process Web experts working with you

We get to know you and your specific needs. Then we create mock-ups for key pages so that you know exactly what you are going to get. Once planning is complete, our experienced developers use best practices to bring your website to life. After launching your new website, our expert team is always on hand to help with any questions or updates you may have.

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Web Development process

Website platforms The right tools for each job

We have created and maintain hundreds of WordPress sites, many of which use WooCommerce for online shops. Other sites use Magento or are custom-built PHP solutions. A few large sites run on ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL.

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Web Development platforms

Custom development For those tricky jobs where a plug-in just won’t do

Wired’s experienced developers have created, expanded and maintained bespoke systems scaling up to hundreds-of-thousands of client accounts. We have expertise with this on both the .NET + MS-SQL and the PHP + MySQL platforms.

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Web Development - Custom build

Website data integration Connected internet systems

Some Wired sites include auto-updated content from dedicated data feeds, 2-way B2B communications or web scraping. A few of the more complex custom solutions integrate other data-driven features such as event-based email and SMS notifications.

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Web Development - data flow