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Custom development versus a CMS with plugins

In today’s open source environment, you’d think that there’d always be a plugin for your content management system (CMS) which meets your requirements. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. You’ll find plenty of plugins that come close, but struggle to find one that suits you perfectly. This is akin to putting a square peg in a round hole. It may fit, but is hardly ideal.

At Wired, we believe that a round peg should go into a round hole. This means understanding the customer’s challenges and developing a solution that fits them perfectly – for today and for tomorrow.

Sometimes the solution requires a fully-custom development. It may be a combination of custom development supported by off-the-shelf modules. It might even be a custom plugin.

Below are some sites we’ve developed that have custom functionality…


Training and member management


New Zealand Land Search and Rescue Incorporated (LandSAR) needed a website that could manage thousands of members with different levels of editing access. They also manage a lot of their training, competency and reporting needs through the website.


Resource ordering system


Community & Public Health were after a website that was not only information heavy, but also allowed quick and easy ordering of a multitude of resources. The resources come in all shapes and sizes with various options for either downloading or ordering.

Guided Selling

Guided selling system


Making it easy for customers to find the security products that best fits their needs.


Real-time background check system


Getting the wrong tenant can be costly. This custom application, which is seamlessly integrated into WordPress, queries a Government database so that landlords can check the history of tenants before they sign them up.

Uniform ordering system


This website allows a large National franchise brand to manage corporate client uniform requirements. Without this system they wouldn’t be able to play in the corporate uniform market effectively.

Online Loyalty System

Online loyalty program


This website manages a custom built loyalty system which gives the client the control they need.

Training Booking System

Training booking system


System developed to allow users to book training courses related to heavy vehicles and forklifts.

Solution finder

Solution finder


Helps users choose the correct product application for concrete with just a few simple questions.