Web development

Web development Process

Wired Internet Group began back in 1995, and with age comes wisdom, and a receding hairline.

Not with standing the receding hairline, our underlying principle is that Online Business success is driven by the site user. This means that your site must meet your customers’ needs, and the journey in delivering it must be as painless as possible. If it hurts, you’re over-complicating things.

Our low pain threshold has given rise to a development process that delivers positive outcomes for site users and clients alike.

If you’re after a solution to your receding hairline we can’t help you, but we can probably reduce the rate at which it happens, using the following development approach:

Website discovery

We get to know you and your specific needs, research your competitive online space, and brainstorm ideas. We also define the website’s target audience and intended user tasks.

During the discovery process, we create detailed mock-ups to help flesh out specific functionality. This can help you visualise how your new website will look, see how it will work and – most importantly – get buy-in from other interested parties.

Website design

This includes creating mock-ups for any key pages not already planned out in the discovery process. We also plan out the structure of the website and get your critical feedback. Our goal is to make sure you know exactly what you are going to get before we start developing the website.

Website development

Let the coding begin. We have a plan and now it is time to put into action. Our experienced developers use best practices to bring your website to life.

Website support

Time to show your website to the world… We can also provide you with training, so that you know how to keep the website up to date. Our team of experts is always on-hand to help with any questions or updates that you may have.