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Google Ads Management Service

Why You Should Use Google Ads

Google is the world most relied upon advertising network and it works by applying a charging only when someone clicks on your ad.

By developing ads that are laser focused on your industry keywords, your ads are only presented when a relevant search query is run by a user. It is the epitome of targeted advertising!

We’ll review your goals and create a campaign that is unique to you and your business. Our management team will then manage every aspect of your campaigns. Our management plans include:

Keyword Selection

Our team use tools and data to carefully select the ideal keywords that deliver the best value for money.

Ad Creation

After identifying your keywords, we’ll develop a number of ads and group these into sets known as ad groups. This gives us the ability to show the relevant ad for a particular group of keywords which results in a lower cost per click.

Ongoing Management & Optimisation

Google Ads is an ever changing and dynamic advertising network. Sitting back and leaving campaigns running on auto pilot will ultimately result in budget wastage. We employ various data analysis tools and prowess to review and refine your campaigns so that they perform at their peak and give an optimal return on investment.

As a part of this, we test alternate ad headlines and descriptions, add or remove keywords to enhance the campaign, and identify opportunities that generate more clicks.

What Advertising Options Are There?

We specialise in:

  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Mobile Ads
  • YouTube Video Ads (Google Video Ads)

It is not always possible for a business to obtain first page rankings within their industry due to the competitiveness of keywords.

By using Google Ads, you are able to target people who are actively searching for your product or service. Being that you can set up a campaign quite quickly, traffic is also more rapidly occurring.

What Does It Cost?

Unlike many companies, we don’t markup your click costs. We simply manage your campaigns on a monthly basis and you pay the cost of your clicks direct to Google.

Once we review your industry and business objectives, we give a recommendation as to how much management time will deliver the best results.