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Q. Should I have a “Welcome” message on my website homepage?

Not any more. It was fine in the early days of the web, but web users are more sophisticated now. For a business or organisation it’s out-of-fashion, looks a bit unprofessional, and is a distraction for your customers who’ve come to your site to do or get something.

In fact, research indicates people don’t even bother reading such statements anymore, so you’re wasting valuable webpage real estate, that you could be using to sell products or your message.

Be customer-focused

Better to find out what goals your website visitors have – why they visit the site, what they want to get done or find, not what you want to tell them. Then make sure they can achieve that goal quickly and easily.

The exception would be if your business has a strong or well-known personality fronting it, and your opening is that person speaking. Just be aware few will read it, so keep it short and put the person’s name and photo near it.

You better be pretty sure of yourself though, because even Steve Jobs didn’t have his mug and a welcome statement on the Apple website – he featured his products.

The same goes for statements about the history or development of your company, even if your business is a hundred years old and very well known. Put those in the “About us”.

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