4 scenarios where WooCommerce is better than Shopify

It’s important to consider your objectives before selecting a cart. How do you know whether WooCommerce would be a better choice than Shopify? There are many online resources which compare and contrast the pros and cons of the two different platforms.

This article is designed to give you simple information that you can use to decide which is the right fit for you – especially if you are moving across from Shopify.

Your store needs multi-lingual support

Shopify does have apps such as Langify to aid in the translation of your store’s copy. If you need to edit elements of how the store works (for example payment gateways) then you need to set up multiple stores and keeping track of inventory across stores can be arduous.

WooCommerce allows you to configure varying payment gateways, use different languages and set different currencies with very little hassle. This can be achieved via plugins, through using the multisite feature or simply by setting up multiple stores. You have many more options here at far less cost.

A large team runs your store

Shopify has a charge for each team member that is allocated an administrator login into your store. In the case that you have a large team of staff, this cost can add up per login required.

WooCommerce has no charge for administrators. You have an unlimited number of accounts that can be created due to its use of the WordPress platform.

You use stripe for payments

Shopify supports Stripe but it comes at a cost. There is an additional fee per order. Depending on the volume of traffic your website has, this cost can become quite significant simply as a result of the chosen payment gateway.

There is a plugin which connects WooCommerce to Stripe and it is free. You also don’t pay a per transaction fee.

You plan to grow your store

WooCommerce is designed for growth. It can serve a small catalogue right up to an online store which has tens of thousands of products.

Shopify has 3 base plans and you are forced to transition when your traffic hits a certain volume. Once you are prompted to shift across, your cost will increase from $US299/month to $US2,500/month. This is a substantial difference in your overhead costs and can significantly impact your profits.

Published on Wednesday, 8 May 2019 under eCommerce.